Routes Optimization

The system of automatic routes planning facilitates logistic work, guarantees transport optimization and generates the most profitable solution.

This software gathers data about current orders from the ERP/WMS system. The delivery plan is generated on the basis of an individually drawn calculating algorithm which contains data on orders, routes, deliveries and fleet. Generated plan can be edited by a planner or logistics specialist and also exported to the client’s systems. Thanks to the feature of automatic routes planning our system guarantees transportation costs optimization plus time savings.


  • combining loads
  • generating optimal routes
  • planning deliveries
  • generating transportation schedules
  • possibility of editing automatically planned routes

Benefits for a client:

  • transport optimization and lowering its costs
  • lowering the number of kilometers done
  • lowering the number of vehicles needed for handling orders
  • higher control and effectiveness of the distribution process
  • streamlining the work of a warehouse at loading times
  • better punctuality of deliveries
  • shortening the time for planning routes
  • using client’s established best practices
  • fast reimbursement of the investment
  • low cost of implementation and attractive way of settlement

Want to know more ?

If high costs of distribution and long time for planning cause impediments in the functioning of your company, turn to us! The system of automatic routes planning provides successful shipping optimization for your company.