Logistics Platform

Software linking all participants of the chain of deliveries which assures secure control of loads and cutting down transportation costs.

The Logistics Platform is original software for logistics that helps to manage shipping orders via Internet and is a handy and functional tool supporting cooperation between Logistics and Shipping Department and drivers. It facilitates communication, course of logistics process, improves data transfer security and constitutes a viable alternative for the TMS system (Transport Management System).

In the Logistics Platform users cooperate only with previously added Partners, what guarantees completely safe data transfer and that no message will be made public. Forwarding an order to a carrier is very fast and the whole shipping process is done automatically to eliminate potential errors and misunderstandings. All essential data concerning an order is visible for both parties engaged. As some orders require exchange of information between the interested parties, there is a communicator option on the Platform where users can add notes and where text messages from drivers are stored.


  • addresses database
  • forwarding orders and confirming deliveries
  • truck fleet management
  • documents management
  • possibility to generate optimal routes
  • online logistics bids
  • extended text messages monitoring
  • archive
  • statistics

Benefits for a client:

  • streamlining of the logistics process
  • monitoring and decreasing transportation costs
  • higher security of the logistics process
  • better cooperation between logistic, shipper and driver
  • higher efficiency of the Logistics and Shipping Departments
  • monitoring of transport, delays and other risks
  • alternative for the TMS system with additional functionalities
  • optimization of document flow
  • possibility of negotiations using logistics tenders
  • automatic costs statistics

If you are interested in shipping software tailored to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us!

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If you are interested in shipping software tailored to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us!